Important Covid-19 Measures

Protect Yourself & All Around You

We follow all the preventive measures established by the province of Ontario to ensure safety in the current covid-19 pandemic.

Thank you for supporting our business during these unforeseen times. Although this year has not been easy for all of us but with your purchases, we were able to keep our business stable even during the tough times.
We are dedicated to following all the safety measures to guarantee that the products reach you safely.

Precautions Taken In Our Production House

To ensure the safety of our customers, staff, products, and the safest deliveries, we have adopted the following pre-shipment measures in our production:

  • All ingredients and packaging are sanitized, disinfected, and cleaned before use.
  • Personal protection equipment is being worn during production and
  • Packaging to ensure your safety and the safety of our team.
  • Before shipment, all products are disinfected.


Shipment Arrival Tips

The risks of Covid-19 are everywhere. You never know who gets infected with the virus. For this purpose, we suggest that whenever you receive your product, disinfect the packaging before usage.

Should you have additional questions, please contact Customer Service at with “COVID” in the subject line.

Stay safe!
Shouts Naturals Team