Our Founder

Nahomy Milembamane, a renowned hair care expert, has a passion for hair care and hair health from a very young age. She was enthusiastic to experiment with natural hair recipes and find solutions for hair problems like shedding, color damage, and heat damage, after having experienced these hair struggles herself. When she decided to start a new healthy hair journey, that is when she originally created her Hair Growth Pomade.

I wanted to create hair care solutions that would save women time while looking their best - Nahomy Milembamane

Our Mission

We are committed to making the best possible hair care products for women to save a lot of their valuable time. We also believe in the power of natural extracts to revive hairs with efficacy and boost confidence in a woman’s life.

Today, we are an innovative hair care brand that is obsessed with introducing natural hair care products with endless opportunities. We continually keep on hearing the needs of our community as we formulate.

Join #TeamShouts and start your healthy hair journey with natural and clean products