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3 Easy Ways to Improve Your Hair's Health

3 Easy Ways to Improve Your Hair's Health

3 Easy Ways to Improve Your Hair's Health

We all have hair goals that we would like to achieve. Whether it is to retain length or combat dryness, ensuring our hair remains healthy overall remains at the core. Follow along for three easy ways you can improve your regimen today to reach all of your hair goals! 

Moisturize consistently

The saying is simple: hair grows when it is moisturized. While hair grows directly from the scalp, it is important that your scalp be clean and moisturized so that it can grow consistently. Oiling your scalp to combat dryness will be key to start if you feel that you need to.

As for your hair strands, they too, need some TLC. 

Water is the ultimate hydrator for natural hair. Begin moisturizing your hair by spraying some water on your strands. A light mist will do to dampen your strands when you moisturize. Then, apply a leave-in conditioner or milk of your choice if you'd like. After your hair is wet or damp, you'd want to seal in your hydration with an oil or butter so that the moisture doesn't vanish into the air. 

"So, what do you recommend I use?" 

Our Hair Growth Pomade is the perfect hair butter to use to lock in your moisture. It is easy to apply and will ensure your hair remains soft and hydrated. Packed with vitamins and antioxidants, the product works on all curly-kinky hair types. Note that a little bit of product does go a long way. 

Depending on your hair's needs, incorporate a steady moisturizing routine at least three times a week to begin. 

Protect your hair's ends 

You may have heard that ends are the eldest part of your hair. With that in mind, it is important that you are taking the proper steps to catering to them so that your hair doesn't break off. 

For starters, be sure you are sleeping with a satin or silk-like material on or against your head during the night. These materials, compared to cotton or polyester, won't cause friction against the ends of your hair. The latter normally do and can easy cause fairy knots or split ends. Check out our double-layered satin bonnet to keep your hair protected with ease while you sleep. 

Use less manipulation on your hair 

While your hair can appear thick and full, curlier hair types usually have more fragile strands. This means that overworking them into different styles each day, using more tension than needed, or practicing tight hairstyles, can cause your hair to break off. 

To easily cure this, incorporate hairstyles that are easy to preserve and can be worn for multiple days so that you don't have to style each day. Styles like twists, braids, or cornrows, or a loose-bun for lazy hair days are great to minimize tension. 

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