Quick Tips on Preventing Hair Loss

Quick Tips on Preventing Hair Loss

Quick Tips on Preventing Hair Loss

Women know that the hair is an important part of their overall appearance, and this is not just about vanity.  While having healthy and shiny hair does improve your physical looks and appeal, it does not end there.  Our hair affects our mood, influences other people's perception about us, and even gives off signals about our hygiene and overall health. This is why American women spend more than $50,000 on hair care products in their lifetime. 


And when we care a lot about our hair, seeing them fall out in volumes can be a cause for alarm. But there is no need to panic as this is a fairly common situation.  In fact, studies have shown that about 50% of women will experience hair loss or have reduced hair volume at some time in their life. This can be due to several factors, such as genetics, hormone or nutrition deficiency, weight loss, stress, or aging.

Fortunately, there are several steps you can take to help prevent or control your hair loss. Here we share a few tips on hair loss prevention that you can easily do at home:


 Avoid pulling your hair

As much as possible, try not to do hairstyles that will tightly stretch your hair line. While your hair is flexible, the truth is that it can only be pulled up to a certain extent.  Typically, wet hair can be extended to about 30% longer than its actual length. Stretching it further than that will cause permanent damage to your hair strands, making them more fragile and brittle.  

If you have been noticing more fallen strands during your bath or while combing your hair these past few days, think back if you have been frequently styling in braids, tight buns, or cornrows.  This may be the culprit.


Start from the scalp

Hair fall prevention is not only about the hair strands, your scalp needs attention too. With proper scalp care, your hair will grow thicker and stronger, giving it better defense against damage. Try to stimulate your scalp with a quick massage for at least 4 minutes every day to help promote healthy hair growth.

Maximize the benefits of your scalp massage by using natural products that will aid in promoting healthy scalp and hair.  We recommend Shouts Naturals Tamanu Growth Serum which you can use 3 nights a week before bed time.


Give it extra care

Some of our subconscious habits may even be causing or aggravating our hair loss problems, according to the American Academy of Dermatology (AAD). Routine actions such as towel drying your hair after a bath, especially if you vigorously rub it in the process, can actually cause damage to your hair. 

Instead of doing this, you can simply wrap the towel loosely around your hair and let it absorb the water, then let your hair air dry afterwards.  It is also not advisable to start brushing your hair while still thoroughly wet. Rather, AAD recommends to let it dry at least halfway first, then gently use a wide tooth comb on damp hair.

As an extra touch, you can use a hair cream to make it even easier to detangle your damp hair while combing. We recommend Shouts Naturals Hair Growth Pomade to soften your hair strands as you comb.

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